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If you are interested in pursuing a home painting project, you are not alone and have lots of options.


If you are planning on only painting the interior, you have a much easier project than the exterior, though this also involves a lot of labor and there are a lot of steps that need to be done right or the job can turn bad in a hurry.

Aside from choosing the right colors and paint textures (you can find a lot of detail about paint colors and textures here), you need to start by moving and covering all the furniture, particularly if you are doing the ceiling. Then you need to remove wall plates, pictures, and anything else that might be covering the walls. Then, starting with the ceiling, you need to line the border of the walls where they butt up against the ceiling with painters tape. Once the tape has been put up, you can begin rolling the ceiling. Start with the primer coat, let it dry, then apply two coats of whatever color you are using.

When this is dry, remove the painters tape and discard it. Next you need to do all the trim. Apply new painters tape on the floors and walls to expose only the trim. Then go ahead and paint the trim. Then apply new painters tape along the floors and any edge you don’t want paint on. Once this is done you can paint or roll the walls. This is a very time-consuming process. You can save money doing it yourself but you will need about a week for a 1400 square foot rancher if you are working alone.


If you are doing the exterior, you will need to be standing on a ladder with all your materials with you. As with the inside you need to use painters tape on anything you don’t want paint on. You also need to make sure the surface you are painting is clean and free of abrasions. Once this is all done, you can complete the job. If you have a 2 story house you may need a very tall ladder and/or be walking around on the roof in order to complete the job.

You can save money by doing the work yourself, but might very well find the time savings worth it to simply hire a professional painter.